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Baixe o video e o mp3 SARCASMO E IRONIA - Ep.1021 - YouTubeLOJA Coisa de Nerd: http://bit.ly/2arsmPr Todo mundo gosta de ser sarcastico, mas entender sarcasmo e ironia na internet e um desafio pra muita gente. Neste ... Baixe o video e o mp3 How California's Prop 98 Is Blocking Single-Payer - YouTubeDavid Dayen explains California's Prop 98. Watch the full Aggressive Progressives episode here: https://tytnetwork.com/2017/07/06/aggressive-progressives-jul... Baixe o video e o mp3 Indigenous Peoples Day VS Columbus Day - YouTubeLos Angeles just changed Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day, here's why everyone else should also. Hosted by NerdAlert's Kim Horcher. See more TYT Facebo... Baixe o video e o mp3 Donald Trump: least racist person ever? | 22 Minutes - YouTubePresident Trump claims, time and time again, that he is the least racist person on Earth. Is that true? 22 Minutes finally has the proof. This Hour Has 22 Mi... Baixe o video e o mp3 Have you ever questioned your familys ancestry? | 22 Minutes - YouTubeAncestry.com can help you discovery your story just make sure to also learn your geography. This Hour Has 22 Minutes airs Tuesdays at 8:30pm (9:00NT) on CBC... Baixe o video e o mp3 Mexico's Government Is Investing In Spyware - YouTubeAna, Dave and Malcolm discuss a story about the government of Mexico investing in spyware. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Watch the ful... Baixe o video e o mp3 QUEM GANHA QUANDO VOCE PERDE? - Ep. 969 - YouTubeLink para a Pre-venda da Jaqueta: http://www.playset.com.br/departamento/67224/0102/moletons Ep. 969 e sobre uma reflexao que a gente precisa fazer. Para par... Baixe o video e o mp3 A MEMORIA MAIS RAPIDA DO MUNDO! - Ep.990 - YouTubeLOJA Coisa de Nerd: http://bit.ly/2arsmPr Leon comprou uma nova memoria para o SD, Nil comprou a melhor peca para o cenario ja inventada e outras coisinhas n... Baixe o video e o mp3 Meet Dianne Feinstein's Progressive Challenger David Hildebrand - YouTubeBy every indication, California Sen. Dianne Feinstein is running for re-election next year. In an interview with KQED in January, Feinstein indicated she wou... Baixe o video e o mp3 Megachurch Leader Joel Osteen Keeps Doors Shut During Hurricane Harvey - YouTubeMegachurch leader Joel Osteen closed church doors to victims of Hurricane Harvey because he was safe and sound in his $10 million home. ThinkTank's Hannah Cr... Baixe o video e o mp3 The Huge Lie Behind A New Arthritis Drug Could Kill You - YouTubeIts estimated that about 1.5 million Americans suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and with such a large population suffering from a disease, its no wonder th... Baixe o video e o mp3 Trump Tweeted A Thanks To A Twitter Bot, So Twitter Suspended Tons Of Accounts - YouTubeSubscribe to the Ring of Fire: https://baixar.one/TheRingOfFire Twitter seems just as fed up with Donald Trumps antics as the rest of the country, and ... Baixe o video e o mp3 Corporate Media ALWAYS Wants More War - YouTubeJimmy Dore interviews Norman Solomon on his recent article, "Russiagate: When Progressives Sound Like Demagogues." http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/russia... Baixe o video e o mp3 Cenk Voted Most Likely To... - YouTubeOn this episode of Old School Cenk Uygur talks about high school, specifically what honor he lost to Steve Oh. Watch the full episode here: https://goo.gl/aU... Baixe o video e o mp3 Humanity's Last Hope = Johnny Pie? - YouTubeCenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian talk about John Iadarola's trip north of the wall. Watch the full episode here: https://goo.gl/7DzbKc Download audio and video o... Baixe o video e o mp3 Railway tries: the repeated attempts to drive the last spike | Canada 150 | 22 Minutes - YouTubeThe photo of Donald Smith driving the last spike into the Canadian Pacific Railway is an iconic image. But, as 22 Minutes discovers, the photo wasnt a one-t... Baixe o video e o mp3 Fake DNC Guy Sneaks Into Politicon To EMBARRASS Democratic Party - YouTubeFrank Spencer is not who the Democrats at Politicon thought he was. Watch the full episode here: https://tytnetwork.com/2017/08/03/aggressive-progressives-au... Baixe o video e o mp3 PRESSAO - Ep. 963 - YouTubeCamisas Coisa de Nerd Link http://bit.ly/2arsmPr Pressao faz bem pra saude? Segundo estudos, pelo menos a da panela faz. No ep. 963, nossos planos pra uma vi... Baixe o video e o mp3 Mrs. Trump, this is the third time this week | 22 Minutes - YouTubeOnly a few months into Trumps presidency, Canadian border guards are encountering some unlikely asylum seekers. 22 Minutes has your first look. This Hour Ha... Baixe o video e o mp3 OLHA O QUE ELA FAZ! - Ep.674 - YouTubePromocao: http://www.santander.com.br/promocaoprev Snapchat do CAC: cadeachave Instagram do Leon: https://instagram.com/cdnfotos Canal CoisadeNerd (GAMES) ht... Baixe o video e o mp3 HUNDRED HOUR Anti-Fascism Protest Outside Fox News Building - YouTubeJimmy Dore interviews Sunsara Taylor. Check out her organization at: http://refusefascism.org Follow Jimmy Dore on Twitter: http://twitter.com/jimmy_dore Baixe o video e o mp3 Trumps Tweets Analyzed By Scientists - YouTubeA group of scientists have analyzed the speaking patterns, tones, and themes of Trumps tweets for the last 8 months, and their conclusion is that he is suff... Baixe o video e o mp3 God Save Whom? | Canada 150 | 22 Minutes - YouTubeIn 1982, Canada became a sovereign nation with the signing of the Constitution Act. 22 Minutes looks back at this historic moment between Pierre Elliot Trude... Baixe o video e o mp3 A Quarter Of Americans Say Theyll Never Stop Supporting Trump, No Matter What - YouTubeAccording to a new Monmouth poll, close to 25% of the American public says that there is absolutely nothing that Donald Trump could do to make them stop supp... Baixe o video e o mp3 How To Master Competitive Recycling Games - YouTubeYup, there's a competitive recycling game, on this episode of Old School Dave Koller talks about his experience with the game. Watch the full episode here: h... Baixe o video e o mp3 White Privilege Of Terror - YouTubeWhite Terror Privilege is when Nazis & KKK are responsible for more domestic terror than ISIS, but having Donald Trump call their sympathizers just nice peo... Baixe o video e o mp3 White Privilege Explained - YouTubeWhite privilege means Nazis can shoot at people, but black children are shot dead. Hosted by Francis Maxwell. See more TYT Facebook Originals at http://fb.co... Baixe o video e o mp3 Trump Makes A Deal With The Democrats - YouTubePresident Deals finally made a deal and heads are exploding. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment secti... Baixe o video e o mp3 EXPERIMENTANDO CAMERA NOVA - Ep.951 - YouTubeCamisas Coisa de Nerd Link http://bit.ly/2arsmPr Este video e um episodio de apresentacao de mais um incremento na nossa producao pra garantir a qualidade do... Baixe o video e o mp3 Universal Healthcare's Been Working Great In Germany For A LONG Time - YouTubeJimmy Dore and Malcolm Fleshner discuss the history of universal healthcare plans. Watch the full episode here: https://tytnetwork.com/2017/07/13/aggressive-... Baixe o video e o mp3 Nilce vendo pai de familia - YouTubeRealmente um video bem delicioso. Gostou ? Like/Fav Quer acompanhar ? Inscreva-se -----------------------------------------------------------------------... Baixe o video e o mp3 QUEM IRRITOU A AGENTE DA IMIGRACAO? - Ep. 959 - YouTubeCamisas Coisa de Nerd Link http://bit.ly/2arsmPr Canal do Jeff: https://baixar.one/user/PureEh Snapchat do CAC: cadeachave FACEBOOK do CAC: https://face... Baixe o video e o mp3 HELP ME - Ep.816 - YouTubeCamisas Coisa de Nerd Link http://bit.ly/2arsmPr Snapchat do CAC: cadeachave FACEBOOK do CAC: https://facebook.com/kdchave Instagram do Leon: https://insta... Baixe o video e o mp3 Will Sean Spicer star in Americas next hit sitcom? | 22 Minutes - YouTubeThe White House is being criticized for using the term alternative facts to defend press secretary, Sean Spicer. 22 Minutes has your first look at a new TV... Baixe o video e o mp3 Fox & Friends 'War On Cops' Hypocrisy EXPOSED - YouTubeFrancis Maxwell EXPOSES Fox & Friends + Tammy Lasagna RIDICULOUS Hypocrisy On Police Brutality. Hosted by Francis Maxwell. See more TYT Facebook Originals at... Baixe o video e o mp3 Survivor Man Newfoundland | 22 Minutes - YouTubeA man from Texas has been alone on a deserted Newfoundland island for the last week. Can he survive? Maybe with a little help. This Hour Has 22 Minutes airs ... Baixe o video e o mp3 E AGORA, JOSE? - Ep. 949 - YouTubeCamisas Coisa de Nerd Link http://bit.ly/2arsmPr O Jose Mayer admitiu e se desculpou por ter assediado uma figurinista da Globo. So que o tom da carta de des... Baixe o video e o mp3 Cenk On An Epiphany He Had On Enjoying Life - YouTubeOn a recent episode of Old School Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, Brett Erlich and Malcolm Fleschner talk delis, desensitization and the things they enjoy the mo... Baixe o video e o mp3 How To Really Condemn A Nazi In Under 5 Minutes - YouTubeHow About We STOP Defending Nazis and Start ROASTING Them. Hosted by Francis Maxwell. See more TYT Facebook Originals at http://fb.com/theyoungturks/videos F... Baixe o video e o mp3 BRIGAMOS - Ep.892 - YouTubeCamisas Coisa de Nerd Link http://bit.ly/2arsmPr Snapchat do CAC: cadeachave FACEBOOK do CAC: https://facebook.com/kdchave Instagram do Leon: https://instagr... Baixe o video e o mp3 Hey New York Times: The Left BURIES The Right On YouTube - YouTubeWe are the one who shall not be named. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Like the shi... Baixe o video e o mp3 VOCE GOSTA DE CAGANIFRANTE? - Ep. 986 (Surra Verbal) - YouTubeCamisas Coisa de Nerd Link http://bit.ly/2arsmPr Para participar do Surra Verbal, mande uma palavra (sem o significado) ou para @nilmoretto ou para @cdnleon,... Baixe o video e o mp3 Trump To Go After Colleges For Allegedly Discriminating Against White People - YouTubeSubscribe to the Ring of Fire: https://baixar.one/TheRingOfFire According to an internal memo at the Department of Justice, the agency led by Jeff Sessi... Baixe o video e o mp3 Newfoundlanders scared off the Vikings - YouTubeDid you know the Vikings landed in Newfoundland? Enjoy this very real Canadian history lesson from Air Farce. Watch Air Farce Canada 150 across the country o... Baixe o video e o mp3 Listen up Canada: dont eff with PEI! | 22 Minutes - YouTubePrince Edward Island is being left off some new maps being printed in Canada and the deputy premiere is not happy about it. 22 Minutes investigates. Watch fu... Baixe o video e o mp3 Its time to burn this mother down | Canada 150 | 22 Minutes - YouTube22 Minutes looks back to the War of 1812, and the brief moment when Canada crushed America. Watch full episodes online: http://bit.ly/watch22mins Check out h... Baixe o video e o mp3 Abilify: The Drug That Seriously Harms Your Impulse Control Center - YouTubeAnyone who has ever dealt with a mental disorder, either personally or cared for someone suffering with one, knows that treatment of these conditions is incr... Baixe o video e o mp3 The FIGHT To Save Kentucky's Last Abortion Clinic - YouTubeKentuckys Republican Governor is embracing over-regulation to shut down the states last abortion clinic. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young T... Baixe o video e o mp3 Are Alternate History Shows Harmful To Society? - YouTubeBlack Twitter is pretty mad about a new alternate history show "The Confederate," do they have a point? Are alternate history shows dangerous? Watch the full... Baixe o video e o mp3 O MOUSE MAIS BONITO DO MUNDO - Ep. 815 - YouTubeCamisas Coisa de Nerd Link http://bit.ly/2arsmPr Snapchat do CAC: cadeachave FACEBOOK do CAC: https://facebook.com/kdchave Instagram do Leon: https://instagr...


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